Saturday, March 28, 2009

SHI Symbol International and Slay Angels

Slay Angels loves The SHI Symbol. The Universal Meeting People Tool! " Single, Happy, Interested" We are happy to be working with this amazing Australian company, and it is a pleasure to promote their products.

The SHI Symbol shows Single people how to find each other in their
everyday activities. Married people have wedding rings to clearly
announce their status but there is nothing that is so internationally
recognizable as the SHI Symbol that allows the millions of Single men
and women around the world to celebrate their ‘singledom’. You might
want to find ‘your partner’ or you might be quite happy with life the
way it is. Either way, your SHI Symbol shows the world you are an
attractive single, happy and interested to meet others.

As seen on Slay Angels

Monday, March 16, 2009

We are happy to announce a new sponsor of Slay Angels! Dress The Drink is an extraordinary world of beverage garnishes, and we have the privilege of having 2 new drinks named just for Slay Angels. These drinks are amazing and look so pretty too!! Dress the Drink President, Cindy McClure, has been awesome working with us, making these drinks and helping us name them. We have the Cavalli Slayer and the Cyclone Storm. The ingredients are not a secret, but you will have to wait until we post the recipe on our website! I will tell you some of the main ingredients of our drinks are Roberto Cavalli Vodka and Cyclone Energy Drink.

Dress The Drink is a treasure trove of delectable luxury, which teases all your senses with its original kit that includes edible silver flakes, crushed red hots, rock candy pebbles, toasted coconut flakes and two outrageous flavors of rimming sugar.

This has all been made possible by a wonderful man I met, on my search for sponsors. Mr. David Rippentrop, #1 Listed Adult Beverage Recruiter has worked with Slay Angels, and through him we are lucky to have Roberto Cavalli Vodka, Cyclone Energy Drink and Dress The Drink as sponsors!!

Dress The Drink featuring Slay Angels

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Roberto Cavalli Vodka is the latest Slay Angels sponsor!

We are happy to announce that Roberto Cavalli Vodka is our latest sponsor as we continue filming Slay Angels

Roberto Cavalli Vodka is captivating, seductive, the quintessence of pure femininity. Roberto Cavalli Vodka is all this.

Produced in line with Italian tradition and the experience of the best distilleries, Roberto Cavalli Vodka is sophisticated and elegant, for more discerning palates. Made with the purest water, gushing from the slopes of Monte Rosa, Roberto Cavalli Vodka is produced using the finest quality grain grown in the valleys where the south-western Alps meet the river Po.

Roberto Cavalli Vodka featuring Slay Angels

Friday, March 6, 2009

Pampered Passions helps dress our sexy Slay Angels!

We are so happy to be working with Pampered Passions, a new sponsor for Slay Angels! Alicia is supplying sexy lingerie and dresses for our Slay Angels. " Everything Else is Just Underwear"!
is a premier lingerie store featuring fast,
personalized service via phone and email. "Their personalized service
sets them apart from their competition" states Alicia Vargo, President
of Sales and Marketing. The vast majority of e-commerce merchants
today rely solely on information technology to provide automated,
non-personalized service. Pampered Passions is taking customer service on the internet to a much higher, personalized level.

Pampered Passions featuring Slay Angels

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Demeter Fragrance Library, Slay Angels' newest sponsor!!

Which one to choose?? Funeral Home, Between The Sheets, Holy Water? Demeter Fragrance Library has simple, subtle singular scents. Each day, everywhere. There's just too much to choose from!! With over 200 scents in their library, you are sure to find one that you will love!Experience the Demeter Scent "Scent-sation"with their complete product lines, including colognes and bath and body products, home fragrances and more. Slay Angels is proud to have Demeter Fragrance Library as a sponsor! We love this product and are happy to be promoting it in Slay Angels.

Demeter Fragrance Library featuring Slay Angels