Thursday, December 4, 2008

Actor Joel Wynkoop joins Slay Angels

"Joel Wynkoop started in the movie business in 1972 with super 8 movie making. In 1984 he turned pro shooting his first movie "TWISTED ILLUSIONS" with his partner Tim Ritter. This shot on video anthology turned out to bank then almost a million dollars for the movie "TRUTH OR DARE A CRITICAL MADNESS". Since then WYNKOOP has appeared in over 40 B movies and has earned the name "KING OF THE B MOVIES" by movie magazines and even by the news media on television. Wynkoop took best actor award in 1996 for the motion picture "CREEP" at The Italian Film Festival and appears on the United Kingdom based Alien Agenda TV series. Wynkoop keeps busy in the business with TV commercials, infomercials, independent movies and being a guest at HORROR, SCIFI and COMIC conventions. Wynkoop has also added to his list of accomplishments THE WYNKOOP TV SHOW. An internet TV show which broadcasts 24 hours a day his movies on one channel and his show on the other. Wynkoop has slated three movies for the beginning of 2009 and still receives offers for other projects from other movie makers across the Country."