Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Clenchfist adds their high energy music to Slay Angels!

Thanks to Chris Schenk we now have Clenchfist as a band featured in the series Slay Angels!!

Formed together in Florida, Clenchfist has created an original sound of high energy, melodic and hard rock music. Steve Bruno, vocals, Mike Fiumara ,drums and Greg Cooper, guitar are the founders of Clenchfist. Jerry Bruno, bass player. In only their SECOND show they won the High School Battle of the bands! Through the years, Clenchfist have been performing in bigger and bigger venues, and finally Clenchfist proved themselves by being awarded a slot at Livestock 15 in 2006! This was their biggest crowd ever with over 15,000 people! Clenchfist continues to climb the ladder of success playing at more national act concerts, taking the band to a new level of success.

Clenchfist released their debut album "Twenty Twelve" in October of 2006. Since then, the band has been playing nonstop with each show attracting more and more people.

Slay Angels is excited to be working with Chris Schenk and the band Clenchfist as we continue to film the series!!

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