Monday, May 11, 2009

BB Couture Nail Polish for Killer Nails!!

I have searched for just the right nail polish for our Slay Angels and it came from Kim Snyder at Overall who has an amazing collection called BB Couture Nail polish. We used it for the very first time on a shoot last week where Scarlet wears the drop dead gorgeous purple dress and her Balboa Beach Bunny nail polish. Not only did the color look AMAZING, this is fantastic quality nail polish and will remain part of the Slay Angels wardrobe from now on. Kim also sent me several other colors that will be introduced in the new episodes. Take a look at the sexy line of nail polish with names like Butt Naked Bronze, Candy Mousse, Cranberry Crush, Erotic Night and Feverish Fuschia.

Thanks Kim!! Your nail polish rocks!!